Thursday, April 22, 2010


And not of the twitter sort!

Tomorrow I get to go to my consultation for my super awesome tattoo (pictured above) I'd like to sort it out before the wedding (i.e. so I can go swimming in the ocean but not have to wait till August for the actual tattoo!)

I am super excited, I LOVE Anders Nilsen and the image is one of my favorites.

Runners up that lost out simply because the real estate of my body is too precious:

Why is it that everything I want to get on my skin for life is a cartoon? Also, the two above photos are totally tattoos to come but I don't know where to put the sidewalk ending other than my back and then I won't be able to see it so what's the point in that? I had to choose between terrific and Big Questions and this round the bird won over the pig.

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