Friday, April 9, 2010


So I have been completely consumed by our wedding... I absolutely didn't plan to be but here we are...

My parents and Colin's dad and step mom got together and decided that despite the fact they will all be accompanying us on our wedding trip to Jamaica they also wanted to throw us a huge reception for 150 of their closest friends and family. We scaled them back a bit so that we could actually include a few of our own friends but it was tough. What started as a backyard BBQ quickly ballooned to a full our banquet hall and ....


Admittedly, it's kind of nice to have my mom be like "would you like this, Rani" (i.e. hindi for princess which I never thought was funny till Colin pointed out "your mom calls you princess!?" when I told him what Rani meant) But this is kinda exactly why we were planning to go to Jamaica... Now the only thing we aren't doing in toronto is the cheapest, the ceremony!

I am pretty excited though, July is going to be a very awesome month as it will include:

Trip to super swanky Jamaican resort
Marriage (yes, Jamaica gets top billing, we've basically already been married for the last 4 years)
Giant party in our honour
wedding presents (which we thought we were totally missing out on because of our away wedding)

we are getting one of these little guys

ideally the weekend after we get back! So I'm pretty freaking excited! Take that 2009, 2010 is kicking your ass already!

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