Tuesday, May 12, 2009


So this Friday (that just past) band practice got canceled because Caitlin was sick. She's our drummer so renting a space for $20 an hour without the drums being used seemed pointless.

We decided to just have a writing session at Misty's, Dee didn't make it. Half way through our jam Misty, Yvo, and I got a text from Dee telling us to "come over and drink", to which we replied "come to band practice and drink!!". We got one more reply from her saying "her tetra is broken", that's a good enough excuse in any of our books, we know the importance of a well working tetra.

Anyway, without Dee and Caitlin there Misty, Yvo, and I still ended up writing 2 songs. This is kind of rad because all three of us really love 3 chord punk rock so our songs (while definitely simpler without the guitar wailing experience Dee has) reflect that and are very much the kind of stupid fun songs we wanted to write when we got together.

Also, we have 2 shows that are pretty much confirmed. June 24th at the Kathedral (I believe this is a cake fight show) and July 10th, opening up for the Creeps in Toronto. I REALLY want to do an away show, one of the big reasons I wanted to be in a band was so that I could go on tour (and possibly see Andrea since she moved to Vancouver!) So things are looking up and promising!