Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Internet Pornography!

Pornography is good; it keeps things interesting in your marital bed, helps you knock a quick one off before work, and makes for an amazing Saturday afternoon alone. I don't have the internet at home; I haven't had a reliable source of internet in 4 years. While this may sound frustrating for someone who loves pornography, in retrospect, I am grateful that the internet has never been my main source of whack it material. "Why?” you ask, oh gentle reader? It's as simple as this: There is too much porn on the internet.

There was a day when people who wanted to watch porn had to go into a special store that sold it, all the windows were blacked out and there was a man with judging eyes at the counter. You would walk in and head straight for the back and when you had what you wanted you check out at the counter, never once making eye contact and pray that when you walked out that door someone you knew wasn't walking by. You couldn't watch anything you were too embarrassed to buy or rent and so this embarrassment kept us in check. With the dawn of internet porn so went any shame we could feel, there was no man at the counter judging your choice, no seedy windowless store, there was no chance Laura from work was going to walk by as you made your exit. Now any trace of what you've been pleasuring yourself to can be erased with a few clicks of the mouse.

The simplicity and ease in which we can access any sexual act known to man is dangerous. The comfort of being on your property, knowing no one will ever know what you have seen and pleasured yourself to, and the constantly rising bar of what turns you on are a far cry from the first little scared pornography viewers. There is never any consequence attached to pornography any more so it is allowed to run rampant in any fashion it (or you) wishes it too.

Sex is intricately linked with our most primal urges; it makes sense then that after viewing a cornucopia of basic sexual intercourse one starts searching for more. The more you strip away the pleasantries that our society has placed upon sex (feelings of love, general sweetness, the missionary position. When was the last time you watched porn with the missionary position in it!?) The closer to the core of our primal urges you get. Violence, humiliation, dominance, these are an insanely popular portion of sex websites. These things in and of themselves are not wrong or bad, I don't believe anything with two consenting adults is really "wrong" (see: Being a Libertarian Is Fucking Hard) however, internet pornography is insanely addictive and it's almost worse than a lot of drugs because you do it alone, you are your only voice of reason.

It's not that I think internet porn is horribly affecting our society and our morals are crumbling because of it. It's a much more personal problem, You start with something you think is a strange fetish that you wouldn't want people to know about, maybe it's toes or being tied up or giant tits but then it spirals down and down, now you're watching Thai hookers or 50 guys jerking off into a cup for one woman to drink from, or someone sucking an animal cock and the kicker is, your not even watching it because it turns you on, you're just watching it because you have to see it. You heard about it or read about it and now you need to see what that looks like. Did anyone ever think that a clip of scat porn would rock the internet as the clip of the week? Who the fuck ever thought something like "2 girls 1 cup" would be referenced in the mainstream media!?

Ok, so despite my objections I really do think porn in general is a good thing and this internet porn addiction is going to be a personal battle for everyone who finds themselves in that world, as it should be. No government or protest group should be the one who decides what is best for you to watch, the onus falls solely on the watcher. You decide what is too much and you decide when you’ve seen enough, like smoking, or drinking (or the way drugs and prostitution should be) I had to just cut myself off for a while and not get the internet at home to kick it because I started to have trouble finding any sex appealing, it desensitized me to regular 1 boy, 1 girl sex and made getting off harder because the insertion of anything into anywhere started seeming…for lack of a better word, “icky”. I saw myself return to the time before I had sex, when porn just seemed messy and gross; it was actually stifling my sex drive, doing the opposite of its purpose.

I don’t really have a closing argument for this one; it was really one long digression about my experience with internet porn. I would like to state that I feel recovered, sex is sexy again, porn is hot, I just needed to remove myself from it to remember what I actually found erotic and what was just the need to see. So to conclude, porn=good, internet porn=good, excess of anything=bad.