Monday, September 21, 2009

Poor Bastard

Mr.Bob Loblaw is a fucking nut, we found out recently that he suffers from

"Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome"
Some signs of FHS are skin-rolling, tail-twitch; biting or fussing with the tail or tail tip; sudden mood swings; staring into space; sudden "frenzied" or "psycho-kitty" behavior; nervousness; dilated pupils; chasing tail; dashing around madly for no apparent reason; and unprovoked yowling. Sometimes, the cat bites at her tail so furiously she injures it. In extreme cases, tails have had to be amputated because of the damage inflicted by the cat.

Guess who shows all of the above signs and is an extreme case....

So we set up his surgery (that costs about $800) because even though he's fucking crazy we love him to death. Unfortunately, 2 days before his surgery we got a call from the vet. His tests were in and he had liver and kidney problems so he couldn't mastestisize the anesthetic. To top it all off his blood work came back with a skyrocketing 28 sugar level (a high normal is 8) So he is also diabetic, this requires 2 needles of insulin a day. That's right, 60 disposable needles a month in his tiny body (which didn't seem that tiny until I thought about poking it 60 times in 30 days)

All in all it's making us even poorer than before (that's AFTER we already quit smoking) and tensions are running high in the Lichtirani household. Staying indoors for almost a month with no one but each other and a very needy/often annoying cat that wakes you up screaming in the middle of the night because it's crazy enough to bite it's tail off = easy snapping couple.

Goddamn life, cut us some slack...