Friday, August 27, 2010

Pretty Damn Good Summer

Things I've done since my last post:

got married

In Jamaica!

Came home to a new baby

Played a bunch of fairly successful show's with The Victim Party and almost finished writing our album

So yeah, pretty good summer...

Monday, June 7, 2010


... In other news, I started an etsy account.

in preparation for our wedding I bought everything I needed on Etsy. In the process I noticed that aside from all the wicked, amazing stuff I looked at, there was also a large amount of crap. Seeing that even underachieving, talentless, art school dropouts seem to be selling their junk to great success I thought, "why the hell not give it a try!?" Thus I present to you

From Paris, With Love-a collection of fine art photography from around the world.

not to be confused with:

Which I didn't find out was a crappy movie till long after I created my store...

Everything is coming up Tabi!

Yeah Yeah Yeah!!

So the Victim Party is in full swing. We are awesome and we all love pop punk. It's also really nice to make music with a bunch of good buddies. We have been making pretty amazing progress for a band that started in early March and we tend to knock a song out per band practice.

I feel pretty lucky to play in a band with a gaggle of incredibly talented and experienced musicians but it can obviously get a bit intimidating at times.

We've played two shows so far (well attended, fun shows might I add) and we are now officially playing at the Bovine on June 16th for a NXNE Juicebox/UOBA showcase, how the eff did that happen??

In other news, my tattoo rules!! Colin and I are planning on getting awesome wedding tattoos, right now it's a toss up between a rocket ship and an old timey "flying machine", we just have to find the right one.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


And not of the twitter sort!

Tomorrow I get to go to my consultation for my super awesome tattoo (pictured above) I'd like to sort it out before the wedding (i.e. so I can go swimming in the ocean but not have to wait till August for the actual tattoo!)

I am super excited, I LOVE Anders Nilsen and the image is one of my favorites.

Runners up that lost out simply because the real estate of my body is too precious:

Why is it that everything I want to get on my skin for life is a cartoon? Also, the two above photos are totally tattoos to come but I don't know where to put the sidewalk ending other than my back and then I won't be able to see it so what's the point in that? I had to choose between terrific and Big Questions and this round the bird won over the pig.

Friday, April 9, 2010


So I have been completely consumed by our wedding... I absolutely didn't plan to be but here we are...

My parents and Colin's dad and step mom got together and decided that despite the fact they will all be accompanying us on our wedding trip to Jamaica they also wanted to throw us a huge reception for 150 of their closest friends and family. We scaled them back a bit so that we could actually include a few of our own friends but it was tough. What started as a backyard BBQ quickly ballooned to a full our banquet hall and ....


Admittedly, it's kind of nice to have my mom be like "would you like this, Rani" (i.e. hindi for princess which I never thought was funny till Colin pointed out "your mom calls you princess!?" when I told him what Rani meant) But this is kinda exactly why we were planning to go to Jamaica... Now the only thing we aren't doing in toronto is the cheapest, the ceremony!

I am pretty excited though, July is going to be a very awesome month as it will include:

Trip to super swanky Jamaican resort
Marriage (yes, Jamaica gets top billing, we've basically already been married for the last 4 years)
Giant party in our honour
wedding presents (which we thought we were totally missing out on because of our away wedding)

we are getting one of these little guys

ideally the weekend after we get back! So I'm pretty freaking excited! Take that 2009, 2010 is kicking your ass already!

Sure did overshoot that one...

ok, so maybe 1 a day was a bit of a stretch... how about 1 whenever I can come up with one?


"No reception!" She lost the fight.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Goals

I've decided to (try/attempt to)write a six word story everyday. They are pretty rad and the story is supposed to lie in what you describe and what you're not saying. Hemingway wrote the most famous:

"For sale: baby shoes, never worn."

and some of my other favorites:

Gown removed carelessly. Head, less so.
- Joss Whedon

Failed SAT. Lost scholarship. Invented rocket.
- William Shatner

Longed for him. Got him. Shit.
- Margaret Atwood


and my first:

"Thought I'd write one too, later..."

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Wow, so this year kicked my ass...

Ideally the deconstruction of everything I thought I knew is over. 2010 is my year to rebuild. Rebuild myself, rebuild my life, and rebuild the relationships around me.

So while I felt pretty helpless and hopeless by the end of 2009 I feel like I've "lived and loved and shared and grown" (thank you Joss Whedon) and will continue to do so (in life and in my nerd-dom, did I mention I have a game of Dungeons and Dragons on the go...?)

so here's to a new year, a new life, a new point of view.