Friday, August 7, 2009

The Runway Lights

Bang It Out is dead! Long live Bang It Out!

So, we did the most rockstar thing ever and broke up after our first show. All is well though, The Runway Lights (Yvo, Misty, Katt, Monica, and Me) are in full swing! We already wrote an entire song (back ups and all) and we tweaked the song Yvo wrote (tentatively titled Jawbreaker) Things are going well and it's nice to be in a band where everyone is always eager to practice and has a lot of time to put in.

Also, isn't this cute, Katt made it, she's so excited:

Things are looking up, I really think we'll be playing shows by winter, maybe sooner depending on our progress writing. We still have a lot of song skeletons too so we are at no loss for material.

In other news, this Saturday I will be taking part in a Simpsons gameshow at the Lennox Gallery (at Queen and Ossington)I'm actually really excited but also kind of nervous. I know it seems pathetic but, what if I lose!? I pride myself on extensive, useless knowledge about the Simpsons, I couldn't imagine how bad losing (in front of my friends no less) would feel! I do keep feigning confidence though, I figured as long as I seem like I'm going to win, even if I lose my ego will be alright.

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