Thursday, October 1, 2009

How Lucky Am I!!??

Seriously, I have the greatest friends ever. I am ecstatic to announce that Bob Loblaw will not be visiting the violin string factory anytime soon!

Last night Colin and I went to the Bovine under the pretense that it would be a Hostage Life listening party (their album just came out for free online, go download it at to the Flatliners because they are going on a million year tour/ a Little Millionaires show. Once we got there however we were informed that it was actually a "save Tabi and Colin's fucked up cat" benefit organized by the wonderful Eric Gaudet and carried out by all of our amazing friends. Colin and I were in total shock by the out pour of love and support from friends, all we could think is "how on earth did we get this lucky!?".

Our friends organized and worked their butts off to show us how much they love us and put some sunshine back in our lives and I honestly can not explain how grateful and lucky we feel that we are surrounded by so many, genuinely good people (ha, suck it "god"!)

Thanks to everyone who came out to support and special thanks to:
Eric Gaudet (Master of ceremonies)
Genevieve Murphy (Mistress of ceremonies)
Zoƫ Papageorgiou (Queen of cupcakes)
Yvonne Moir (crafty fox)
The Litter Millionaires and The Feliners
The Bovine and all it's employee's
Andy/Kai/Wooder/Adam Cook and anyone else I forgot who pitched in to help out working door, selling raffle tickets, whatever, you are awesome and you all just saved a little, dumb kitties life.

The first thing Bob Loblaw did when we got home was take a huge piss on the couch...

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